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Carlisle Road, Queens Park

Extension, Remodelling, Interior Design & Landscape Design - Under construction

The existing terrace house is located in the Queens Park Conservation Area with a North-East facing rear garden and a significant level difference between the main house and the outrigger. The house is also in need of renovation and an additional guest toilet on the ground floor. The client was keen for the new side extension to be accessed from the rear reception to increase visibility throughout the ground floor and open up views from the front reception all the way through to the garden.

A structural glass roof will allow daylight to reach into the new kitchen dining space. A black standing seam zinc dormer will then protrude above the glazed roof to provide the additional headroom required to step down into the extension from the main house. A matching black zinc box will extend into the garden beyond the outrigger to provide lounge seating in the kitchen. The frameless corner window will improve connectivity with the rear garden, whilst a flat rooflight located to the South-East of the extension will allow the morning sun to flood in above the seating area.

Light coloured wood cladding will line the internal faces of the zinc dormer and rear extension to provide a tactile and natural material in those areas you come close to. The wood finish would also be reflected in the pivot door to help bring the natural world into the home.

The main house will be renovated to include a new bathroom, flooring and bedroom joinery.

The rear garden will be landscaped to create an external dining area to the back of the rear garden, which receives most sunlight and linked back to the new pivot door.

Planning permission was granted in September 2020.